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Our Focus on Science

CELEST is creating a new paradigm for educating graduate and undergraduate students in systems neuroscience by connecting biological knowledge about brains to an understanding of intelligent behavior through neural and computational models. Project teams will combine efforts across the modalities of modeling, experimentation, and technology transfer.

Follow the links below for some highlights on recent or ongoing scientific projects.

Recent Projects

  1. Restoring speech to paralyzed individuals Download as PDF
  2. Strategic and fluid allocation of visual attention Download as PDF
  3. Aging and sequence learning Download as PDF
  4. The neural basis of consciousness and its capacity in brain waves Download as PDF
  5. Orbitofrontal pathways for learning and forgetting emotional events Download as PDF
  6. How does the hippocampus support the ability to remember the order of events in episodic memories? Download as PDF
  7. Remembering the recent past: The hippocampus and working memory Download as PDF
  8. From rats to primates to networks and back again Download as PDF