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Abigail Noyce

Abigail NoyceAbigail Noyce is a student in the Cognitive Neuroscience doctoral program within Brandeis University’s Department of Psychology and current co-president of the CELEST Graduate Student and Post-Doc Organization. She’s affiliated with CELEST because it gives her the opportunity to work within a strong research community to tackle big questions about human cognition.

Abby received her B.A. in psychology from the University of New Hampshire in 2007, with a minor in mathematics. While there, she worked as a research assistant in a behavioral neuroscience lab, and completed a senior thesis examining the interaction between motion cues and perspective cues in depth perception.

At Brandeis, her research in the Vision Lab investigates how people learn and monitor expectations for future events. At present, she is using behavioral methods, eye tracking, and EEG source localization to study how neural activity changes as expectations develop, which systems react when an unexpected event occurs, and how such events influence future learning. As well, she is collaborating with Brandeis postdoc Lisa Payne on a project that examines how effort interacts with working memory load to influence EEG alpha-band oscillations, and collaborating with former CELEST postdoc Nichola Cohen to understand the component processes involved in imitative learning of motor skills.

Abby is also actively involved in the MIT Educational Studies Program. She teaches classes on psychology, neuroscience and more, as well as working behind the scenes to provide local teenagers with unique, exciting educational opportunities.

After completing her PhD Abby plans to do postdoctoral training, extending her research into how people acquire and use high-level information to predict events. Her long-term career goals are to be an independent researcher and to share her enthusiasm for cognitive neuroscience by being an outstanding teacher and mentor.

Last updated on May 18, 2011