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Ben Chandler

Ben Chandler Ben Chandler is a past Co-President of the CELEST Student Group. He earned a BS in Cognitive Science from Carnegie Mellon University with minors in Computer Science and Physics, and was a student researcher at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center for four years.

Ben entered the doctoral program in Boston University’s Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems and became a CELEST student because his career goals required a deeply interdisciplinary home to train in the frontiers of brain-inspired computation.

Today, he is an ACES Fellow at the BU Center for Computational Science and is working on infrastructure and large-scale simulation for a DARPA SyNAPSE project with HP which aims to use nanotechnology to support mobile petascale computing (order 1015).

Ben is a co-founder of the Neurdon blog, which was quoted in the January 2010 issue of IEEE Spectrum. The Spectrum invited him to co-author a feature article, “MoNETA: A Mind Made from Memristors,” along with CELEST Senior Research Scientist Max Versace, for the December 2010 issue.

He recently co-designed and built a computing cluster to support large-scale model simulations and data analysis as a shared resource for CELEST.

Ben also is a member of the new CELEST Catalyst technology transfer team.

Last updated on May 18, 2011