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Sean Lorenz

Sean LorenzSean Lorenz came to Boston University’s Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems and to CELEST after earning a Masters degree in Theological Studies at Boston University. His thesis topic was the origins and evolution of religion in the human brain. Sean is an organizer of BU’s philosophy of neuroscience group NeuPhi and was the organizer of the 1st Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on Consciousness.

Since joining CELEST, he designed and developed a new content management system for the expanded CNS Technology Lab website using Expression Engine. That site has recently received over 1,000 visits per month and 2,600 software downloads per month. It features a user-postable software repository and a database of over 600 neural technology and development articles.

Sean is now a graduate assistant in the CNS Speech Lab. He is investigating fMRI data from autistic subjects and using EEG methods for real-time brain-machine-interface (BMI) classification to build more effective augmentative communication devices.

Sean recently received funding for dissertation research by from a leading provider of speech-generating devices and symbol-adapted special education software.

Sean feels that his research with this company and the Speech Lab gives him a strong foundation for understanding scientific, technological, and product-oriented issues regarding brain-machine interfaces. The founding of the Boston-Area Machine-Brain Interface (BAMBI) group by CELEST members has further expanded Sean’s opportunities.

Working directly with a software company as well as constructing a large, scalable database (such as that used in the new Tech Lab website) are both useful tools that he plans to frequently rely upon for a career in industry.

Last updated on May 18, 2011