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CELEST faculty offer courses each semester to both undergraduate and graduate students. CELEST students enroll in courses taught by both CELEST affiliated and non-affiliated faculty at their universities.

Course Highlight

CAS CN/210 / NE204 Introduction to Computational Models of Brain and Behavior: A core requirement in the new Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience at Boston University, this course serves as an introduction to important concepts in cognitive neuroscience and computational modeling of biological neural systems, combining a systems-level overview of brain function with an introduction to modeling of brain and behavior using neural networks.

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Undergraduate Neuroscience Major at Boston University

CELEST is supporting the development of additional uniquely interdisciplinary courses for Boston University’s new undergraduate neuroscience major. In the Spring Semester of 2010, senior CELEST faculty member Daniel Bullock developed and introduced another new lecture + laboratory course to augment the computational offerings of the undergraduate neuroscience major. This course, NE340/CN340: Introduction to Computational Models of Skilled Decision and Action, explores neural circuit bases of several distinct varieties of learning that contribute to expertise, notably to improved decision making and improved execution of planned acts.

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