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Honors and Awards

CELEST students, postodcs and Faculty are often recognized for their work.

Most Recent Honors and Awards

  1. Graphic processor based accelerator system and method. U.S. Patent No. 8,648,867, February 11.
  2. Named the inaugural director of the new Center for Systems Neuroscience at Boston University.
  3. Received the first place award for the Graduate Program for Neuroscience at the 20th Annual Henry I. Russek Student Achievement Day. The award honors students who have distinguished themselves not only as gifted researchers in their mentor’s laboratory but also as dedicated members of their department, program, or surrounding community.
  4. Mentorship Award, awarded by the Student Council of the Acoustical Society of America (selected from among over 30 nominees from within the 7000+ members of the society)
  5. Early Career Impact Award, Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS)