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Honors and Awards 2011

Barbas, H. and Zikopoulos, V.

  • CELEST Board member Professor Helen Barbas and CELEST Research Assistant Professor Vasileios Zikopoulos were recognized for their work by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), which cited their project entitled “Changes in prefrontal axons may distrupt the network in autism” as one of the top 10 research advances of 2010.

Gail A. Carpenter

  • Elected (March 2011) to the INNS College of Fellows. The College of Fellows includes a relatively small subset of former Board members.

Vassilis Cutsuridis

  • Co-organizer (w Nathan Schultheiss), “Neural oscillations”, Workshop, Annual Computational Neuroscience Conference, July 24-30, 2010, San Antonio TX

Stephen Grossberg

  • Organizing Committee, second international conference on Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA), Arlington, VA, September, 2011
  • Program Committee of the 2011 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'11), San Jose CA, August.
  • Invited member, Society For Computational Modeling of Associative Learning.
  • Elected (March 2011) to the INNS College of Fellows. The College of Fellows includes a relatively small subset of former Board members.
  • Elected Senior Member of the International Neural Network Society (INNS)
  • Organizer and Discussion Leader, Zolt/Gilbourne seminar on Time, Boston MA, Winter/Spring.
  • Editorial Board, Autism Open Access Journal.

Guenther, F.

  • Science Nation, an NSF-funded news magazine, featured the work of Frank Guenther at

Kopell, N.

  • CELEST faculty member Nancy Kopell was elected an honorary member of the 146-year-old London Mathematical Society (LMS) for her work on the neural networks governing rhythmic motor activities in animals and her ongoing work on the brain dynamics underlying various cognitive factors. The LMS has elected just one or two honorary members annually since 1871.

Jeffrey Markowitz

  • CELEST prize in Computational Modeling of Brain and Behavior for his presentation of: Markowitz, J., Poole, B., and Gardner, T. Testing the long-term stability of a neural code in songbirds -- work done in Professor Tim Gardner's laboratory, Boston University Science & Engineering Day.

Earl Miller

  • Biomed Distinguished Lecturer, University of Leuven, The Netherlands.
  • Advisory Editorial Board, Trends in Cognitive Science

Yakeel Quiroz

  • CELEST prize in Experimental Neuroscience of Brain and Behavior for her presentation of: Quiroz Y.T., Celone K., Budson A.E., Ruiz A., Lopera F., and Stern, C.E. Recognition of previously viewed faces in pre-symptomatic familial Alzheimer’s disease: An fMRI study -- work done in Professor Chantal Stern's laboratory, Boston University Science & Engineering Day

Barbara Shinn-Cunningham

  • Chair, NIH AUD study section, 2009-2011

Massimiliano Versace and Charles Wong

  • “Outstanding Research Award” from the Institute for Business & Finance Research, for Echo Artmap Context Sensitivity with Neural Networks in Financial Decision-Making, at Global Conference on Business and Finance, January 2-5, Las Vegas NV.