Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science and Technology A National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center

Non-Conference Presentations 2009

  1. Ames H., Versace M., and Chandler B. (2009). Neural networks for concentrated flow identification. Invited lecture, RUSLE2 Expert Panel Meeting, Nebraska City NE.
  2. Ames, H., Versace, M., and Lorenz, S. (2009). Applied brain-based learning models. Poster presented at the NSF Science of Learning Centers annual meeting, Washington DC, November.
  3. Brandon, M.P., Andrews, C.M., and Hasselmo, M.E. (2009). Postsubicular neural activity during REM sleep shows replay of head direction activity during waking. Boston University Science and Engineering Day, March.
  4. Brown, T.I., Ross, R.S., Keller, J.B., Hasselmo, M.E., and Stern, C.E. (2009). Hippocampal and orbitofrontal recruitment in the disambiguation of learned spatial sequences. Boston University Science and Engineering Day, March.
  5. Buschman, T. (2009). Visual search in the (non-human) primate brain. Visual Attention Seminar, Harvard University, Cambridge MA.
  6. Franklin, D.J. (2009). Learning mathematics and science using models of mind and brain. Intensive Immersion Institute Conference in Mathematics and Science, Lowell, MA, March.
  7. Franklin, D.J. (2009). Learning statistics through models of mind and brain. Workshop at the 35th annual meeting of the New England Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges, outhern New Hampshire University, Manchester NH, April.
  8. Grossberg, S. (2009). The resonant brain: Learning, attention, memory, search, and consciousness. Visual Attention Lab, Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Cambridge MA, January.
  9. Grossberg, S. (2009). How to link mind to brain: Towards solving the mind/body problem. Neuphi (Philosophy of Neuroscience forum), Boston University, February.
  10. Grossberg, S. (2009). Some comments about consciousness. Invited presentation, Boston-area consciousness seminar, February.
  11. Grossberg, S. (2009). Neural dynamics of attentive object recognition, scene understanding, and decision making. Invited colloquium, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD, March.
  12. Grossberg, S. (2009). The resonant brain: Learning, recognition, attention, search, and consciousness. Invited lecture, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla MO, April, The lecture was broadcast to a consortium of universities and companies.
  13. Grossberg, S. (2009). Foundations and new paradigms of brain computing: Past, present, and future. Invited colloquium, HRL, Los Angeles CA, September.
  14. Grossberg, S. (2009). How does a brain give rise to a mind? From vision to cognition. Invited lecture, Institute for research in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, October.
  15. Guenther, F.H. (2009). Development of a speech prosthesis in a locked-in individual. Plenary Lecture at the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, Dallas TX, May.
  16. Guenther, F.H. (2009). Neural mechanisms of speech. Keynote speech, Foundation Ugo Bordoni Meets Frank Guenther, Rome, Italy, September.
  17. Guenther, F.H. (2009). The neural control of speech. Distinguished Lecture in Cognitive Science, Michigan State University, Lansing MI, December.
  18. Heys, J.G., Giocomo, L.M., and Hasselmo, M.E. (2009). A biophysical model shows that h current time constant differences in rat medial entorhinal cortex could underlie differences in membrane potential oscillation frequency. Boston University Science and Engineering Day, March.
  19. Kantak, K.M. (2009). Regulation of transitions between goal-directed learning and habit learning. Talk presented at the NSF Science of Learning Centers annual meeting, Washington DC, November.
  20. Kazerounian, S. and Grossberg, S. (2009). Laminar cortical dynamics of conscious speech perception: Phonemic restoration in noise using subsequent context. Poster presented at the NSF Science of Learning Centers annual meeting, Washington DC, November.
  21. Léveillé, J., Versace, M., and Grossberg, S. (2009). Spiking dynamics during perceptual grouping in the laminar circuits of visual cortex. Boston University Science and Engineering Day, March.
  22. Livitz, G., Yazdanbakhsh, A., Eskew, R., and Mingolla, E. (2009). Perceiving non-Hering mixtures in neon color spreading configurations. Boston University Science and Engineering Day, March.
  23. Miller, E.K. (2009). Engineering Distinguished Lecture. National Science Foundation, Washington DC.
  24. Miller, E.K. (2009). BrainMap Seminar. Martinos Center, Massachusetts General Hospital Neuroscience Seminar, Brown University.
  25. Miller, E.K. (2009). Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar Series, Columbia University.
  26. Miller, E.K. (2009). Seminar, Princeton University, Princeton NJ.
  27. Miller, E.K. (2009). Seminar, University of Minnesota, Department of Neuroscience.
  28. Miller, E.K. (2009). Neuroscience Seminar, University of San Diego, Department of Neurosciences, San Diego CA.
  29. Miller, E.K. (2009). Carlson Lecture, University of Chicago, Department of Neurobiology, Chicago IL.
  30. Miller, E.K. (2009). Seminar, Yale School of Medicine, Department of Neurobiology, New Haven CT.
  31. Miller, E.K. (2009). Charles River Association for Memory Seminar, Cambridge, MA.
  32. Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Auditory objects and auditory attention. Department of Psychology, Brandeis University, Waltham MA, February.
  33. Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Attending to speech in a complex setting. Columbia University Seminar on Language and Cognition, New York NY, March.
  34. Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Auditory objects and switching attention. UC Irvine Center for Hearing Research Seminar, Irvine CA, April.
  35. Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Understanding and communicating in common settings. Research Usability Colloquium, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin University of Technology, Berlin, Germany, April.
  36. Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Understanding complex acoustic signals in complex everyday settings. Workshop on the Perceptual Organization of Sound, Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin, Germany, April.
  37. Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Managing acoustic communications in high-stress environments. National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellows Conference, Arlington VA, June.
  38. Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Segregating, selecting, and remembering complex sounds. Cognitive, Brain and Behavior seminar, Harvard University, October.
  39. Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). How your brain hears (and ignores) sound. Boston University Academy, November.
  40. Varghese, L., Ozmeral, E., and Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Visual cues for when to listen improve signal identification most when target and masker are perceptually confusable. Boston University Science and Engineering Day, March.
  41. Watanabe, T. (2009). fMRI study of perceptual learning. McDonell-Riken Symposium on Limits to Brain Plasticity in Adulthood, Saitama, Japan, June.
  42. Xia, J. and Shinn-Cunningham, B.G. (2009). Modeling the responses of inferior colliculus cells to binaural clicks. Boston University Science and Engineering Day, March.