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Research Highlights 2009

  1. Gist memory helps older adults when details are forgottenDownload as PDF
  2. Advancing a rodent model of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderDownload as PDF
  3. Memory system functioning in adult and adolescent rats exposed to cocaineDownload as PDF
  4. iSLC'08: Developing an international network of young learning scientistsDownload as PDF
  5. Restoring speech to paralyzed individuals Download as PDF
  6. Neuronal networks in the hippocampus encode and retrieve information at different phases of the theta rhythmDownload as PDF
  7. Forebrain decision circuits weigh expected value, novelty, and task-relevanceDownload as PDF
  8. Transmitter co-release from single axons may enable robust and efficient computation of uncertainty during decision-makingDownload as PDF
  9. How does binocular rivalry emerge from cortical mechanisms of 3-D vision? Download as PDF
  10. View-invariant object category learning, attention, and recognition Download as PDF
  11. How humans efficiently search complex scenes by learning about their spatial and object contexts Download as PDF
  12. Perception of “forbidden colors”Download as PDF
  13. Can lowering the contrast of a moving object improve the perception of motion direction? Download as PDF
  14. Is attention required at all for perceptual learning? (or) Where in the brain can learning without attention occur?Download as PDF