Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science and Technology A National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center

Research Highlights 2010

  1. Aging and sequence learningDownload as PDF
  2. The neural basis of consciousness and its capacity in brain wavesDownload as PDF
  3. Orbitofrontal pathways for learning and forgetting emotional eventsDownload as PDF
  4. How does the hippocampus support the ability to remember the order of events in episodic memories?Download as PDF
  5. Science of Learning Centers networking to learn about brain imagingDownload as PDF
  6. Remembering the recent past: The hippocampus and working memoryDownload as PDF
  7. Undergraduate study strategies from the perspective of cognitive neuroscienceDownload as PDF
  8. From rats to primates to networks and back againDownload as PDF
  9. Restoring speech to paralyzed individualsDownload as PDF
  10. CELEST Participation at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)Download as PDF
  11. Strategic and fluid allocation of visual attentionDownload as PDF