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Research Highlights 2012

  1. Minimally invasive electrodes for Brain Machine interfacesDownload as PDF
  2. Why donʼt you recognize your mailman in the supermarket?Download as PDF
  3. Neuromorphic algorithms and hardware for adaptive collision avoidance in land robots and unmanned aerial vehiclesDownload as PDF
  4. Environmental Enrichment and Learning-Related NeuroplasticityDownload as PDF
  5. Finding Cancer in Medical Images with Advanced 3D Viewing SoftwareDownload as PDF
  6. Using brain signals in response to sound to read the mindDownload as PDF
  7. The Grass is Greener: Visual Foraging and Models of Object RecognitionDownload as PDF
  8. Measuring the quantity and quality of memory representationsDownload as PDF
  9. Providing Computers Controlled by Brain Signals to Paralyzed IndividualsDownload as PDF
  10. Why emotions capture our attentionDownload as PDF
  11. Visual Short-Term Memory for Timing Recruits Auditory Brain NetworkDownload as PDF