Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science and Technology A National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center

Outreach & Impacts

CELEST transfers the results of basic research on learning to undergraduate and graduate training, in particular through its ongoing development of course materials for the new undergraduate neuroscience major at Boston University, and through electronic dissemination on the CELEST web site.

Outreach to the undergraduate neuroscience community also occurs by means of a one-day CELEST workshop and related workbook about the cognitive basis of successful learning strategies.

A number of CELEST programs are targeted at increasing opportunities for groups underrepresented in science to participate in its innovative curriculum and research initiatives including graduate fellowships, summer internships for faculty from minority-serving institutions, a ten-week summer program for undergraduates from underrepresented groups to work in CELEST faculty labs, and a summer workshop to introduce undergraduates to the interplay of modeling and experimental techniques in cognitive neuroscience.

CELEST also supports community-building efforts among scientists.

A number of CELEST initiatives help to bring the impact of CELEST research to society.