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CELEST at the Ultimate Block Party

On October 3, 2010 thousands of families, educators and researchers came to New York City’s Central Park to experience the vital role that play has in learning. The Ultimate Block Party aims to champion the importance of play and playful learning in children’s lives, and to build an appreciation for the value of play for fostering lifelong learning in the sciences and the arts. Over fifty thousand people attended this year’s event.

Research scientists Heather Ames and Max Versace represented CELEST at the Ultimate Block Party. Heather and Max spent the day as play doctors. The role of the play doctor was to interact with the parents and children and discuss with them the importance of play, as well as to answer specific questions about how play facilitates learning and other questions about the science of learning. A video interview of Max and Heather by The Science Network is available below. The video is also available on The Science Network’s website.